Hello world!

Hello – and welcome to the world of Stijl Ireland!
This is where we explore housing solutions for current times. You can learn with us about modular housing, sustainable materials and energy efficient designs, and discover plans and policies that can impact on what’s possible
Why? We believe everyone needs a safe home, where they can thrive in a community that cares. We know that a keystone for a healthy life and economy is comfortable shelter that doesn’t cost the earth, yet for far too many, this is out of reach.
Why does it matter to us, or to you? Because people need homes. Everywhere.

There’s a climate emergency and a housing crisis. We can choose to ignore the problem or face it – to hide away or take action.
We are on a mission to discover and promote practical solutions to housing and existential crises. We want to explore political options and opportunities that will create the houses that people can afford, so future generations have reason to hope.
The Stijl ONE is a small house we love to talk about, and promote. It offers a simple, stylish, solution

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